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Civil engineering and site development permitting is a critical path for the success of your project. Our team has exceptional market-leading experience in the delivery of hundreds of development projects throughout Middle Tennessee across various markets.



Land Surveying is the technique and science of accurately determining the position of points in the natural world. At GreenLID, our in-house team of surveyors serves the local area on a regular basis, for residential, commercial projects, and more. 



Land planning and consulting just means taking a  holistic view of a piece of property and determining the maximum amount of value that can be extracted from it. At GreenLID, our clients count on us to make
sure that they are reaping the maximum value from their investments.

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Your project may be in need of electrical,  architectural, or other services provided by outside subconsultants for the approvals required. We specialize in coordinating those needs, along with managing our engineer services to get you the final approvals and designs that you need.



Civil Engineering and site development design are critical for the success of your project. Our team at GreenLID has market-leading experience in successfully delivering development projects throughout Sumner County and beyond, on behalf of private clients, professional builders,  developers, and public municipalities. Our team of civil engineers provides services for commercial buildings,  community developments, residential and industrial projects, permitting, civil and land use consulting, and more.

Our demand for excellence has allowed us to work closely with organizations like White House Utility  District, the City of Gallatin, Hendersonville, Sumner County, TDEC, and TDOT for numerous projects. Our experience,  connections with these organizations, and familiarity with their standards set us apart.

It is our vision to see our design solutions meet our client’s needs in the present and far into the future while protecting our limited resources. Let's get started on your project today!






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