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Long Hollow Dental

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Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Construction is complete for the new location of Long Hollow Dental in Goodlettsville!
Long Hollow Dental is located at 3100 Business Park Circle (#100) in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. GreenLID Design was able to provide our services for the Site Plan for the final approvals of this project!

Our team designed plans for the Site Layout, Grading, Sediment Prevention and Erosion Control, Road Profile, and Utility Plan to the standards and specifications of the City of Goodlettsville. We were able to coordinate additional portions of this project with Cumberland Landesign and Ferguson Architecture for the final design and approvals.

The final approvals for this project also included the Site Plan, TDEC Notice of Intent and Notice of Coverage, Plat Approvals, and City-approved As-builts.

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